We serve business owners who, at the end of the day, simply want a website that works.

The problem, at least on the surface, is their existing website has become more of a liability than an asset. But if you dig a little deeper, you’ll find that they’re actually stuck in a frustrating and difficult place.

You see, they may not have the best relationship with their existing vendor. Maybe they weren't satisfied with their initial experience, or maybe they feel taken advantage of in some way. Sometimes both.

So they don't necessarily want to re-hire their existing vendor, but hiring a new one can be risky, time-consuming and frankly is a process in and of itself. 

What's really frustrating is they’re going to have to interact with someone who likely doesn’t understand them or their business for that matter. 

So again, they feel stuck in this holding pattern.

Meanwhile, their existing website is costing them potential business every day it sits there out in the Wild Wild West, neglected.

It feels like a ticking time bomb. 

If they’re going to invest their time and hard-earned money, they deserve a painless experience and a world-class result. But to date, they haven’t experienced that yet. 

So we created a painless process for working together, because we realize most of these business owners would rather get a root canal than embark on yet another website project.  

This process enables business owners to avoid being taken advantage of, and it relieves them of that feeling like they're stuck in a holding pattern, losing out on additional leads and being passed up by their competition. 

Best of all, their voice is heard and understood throughout the entire engagement. 

They can finally check that box and get back to what matters most: Their business.

If this sounds like you, feel free to schedule a diagnostic call. It would be an honor and a privilege to speak with you. 



Help First

We believe in delivering value before expecting anything in return.

Do the Right Thing

We’re open and honest – never afraid to admit we don’t have the answer.

Keep Things Simple 

We strive to eliminate complexity at every turn imaginable.



Karen Rosensteel

With a degree in Marketing from Indiana University, Karen is passionate about helping business owners develop marketing strategies and practical timelines for execution.

Karen is driven by numbers and results, always keeping a watchful eye on the bottom-line.

In her free time, Karen loves to invest time with her family, participate in local exercise groups, and create beautiful scrapbooks of the many memories she holds near and dear to her heart.


Sean Rosensteel
Client Services

With a degree in Entrepreneurship from the University of St. Thomas, Sean is passionate about helping others get what they want out of their businesses.

Grateful for the opportunity to serve, Sean is driven to educate clients on how to best leverage online marketing to achieve business growth.

In his free time, Sean loves to invest time with his family, read books on topics such as personal development spirituality, and restore dilapidated pinball machines.

If you want it done right the first time, hire this team.
— Jon LoDuca, Founder & CEO of The Wisdom Link

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