Non-Affiliated Advice

We're software and agency-agnostic. The advice we share comes from experience, is 100% unbiased, and has no hidden agendas.

Unique, 3x Perspective

After 10 years of being in the online marketing space, we've been on all sides of the relationship (agency, software vendor, customer).

Less-Is-More Approach

In an overly complex industry, we choose to take a less-is-more approach when it comes to website and online marketing strategy.

Core Values:


Help First

We believe in delivering value before expecting anything in return.

Think Hard, Work Smart

We’re disciplined, productive, and purposeful in everything we do.

Do the Right Thing

We’re open and honest – never afraid to admit we don’t have the answer.

Stay Objective

We strive to eliminate noise, allowing logic and reason to drive decisions.


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Sean Rosensteel

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