Savvy [sav-ee]

Shrewd and knowledgeable; having common sense and good judgment.

Pro [proh]

A person competent or skilled in a particular activity.

Web [web]

A system of extensively interlinked hypertext documents.

Why we're different:

1.) Pragmatic Approach

In an overly hyped-up industry, we choose to take a pragmatic approach when it comes to digital marketing strategy.

2.) Non-Affiliated

We're software-agnostic. The advice we share comes from experience, is 100% unbiased, and is stripped of hidden agendas.

3.) Unique 3x Perspective

After a decade in the digital marketing space, we've been on all sides of the relationship (agency, software vendor, client).

Our values:

√ Help First

We believe in delivering value before expecting anything in return.

√ Keep Things Simple

We strive to eliminate complexity at every turn imagineable.

√ Do the Right Thing

We’re open and honest – never afraid to admit we don’t have the answer.

√ Walk Before You Run

We lean towards taking a steady, cautious approach to everything we do.

√ Think Hard, Work Smart

We’re disciplined, productive, and purposeful in everything we do.

Our team:

Karen Rosensteel

Sean Rosensteel

Jacqueline Smith

In a world where people make a lots of promises and draw fancy pictures, the team at Savvy Pro Web simply gets things done.
— Paul Lyons, President of Beef Jerky Outlet