5 Ways to Enhance Your Email Marketing


What little changes can we make to our email marketing efforts to generate more positive results? 

Rather than look to fancy features for answers, let's take a moment to reduce the complexity of our emails and get back to the basics. 

Use these five simple tips to enhance your email marketing efforts:

One recipient. No, we're not talking about distributing emails one-by-one to your database. This is that personalization factor you're always hearing about. Are you addressing the recipient by their first name in the subject line or at the beginning of the email? We’re amazed at how many folks still use “hi, everyone” or “good morning all” at the beginning of their email. Be sure to use first names to make it seem more personal and less like those mass emails from your annoying relative.

One subject line. Have you ever wondered if you should “split test” your subject lines? Can you imagine how much time and effort it would take to track all that data across dozens of campaigns? Here’s our take: If the content you’re sending is delivering value, you shouldn’t have to come up with multiple subject lines for every email you send. Choose to deliver value over “tricking” your recipients with a catchy subject line; your open rates will naturally increase over time.  

One image. If you’re like me, I’ve chosen to disable images within emails on all devices. In other words, images won’t load unless I tell them to. If you’re embedding multiple images to catch the recipient’s eye, you might be doing more harm than good. Try reducing the number of images to one image per email. Then, rely more on the value you’re delivering in the content to capture the recipient’s attention. 

One topic. Gone are the days of newsletters that contain ten different topics. When’s the last time you received an email newsletter and scanned the entire thing top to bottom? We’re all too busy for this type of a format to be effective, and it’ll do nothing but lead to lost subscriptions. Try narrowing your email content to include one singular topic instead. 

One link. More times than not, offering too many options isn’t such a good thing. In the context of email marketing, overwhelm can lead to deletion (or worse, a lost subscriber). Try including one link in your email that directs people to your website, the full version of your blog article, or the download you’ve promised them. I’ll bet your click-through rates will thank you later for it.  

Watch the video above for the full lesson and remember to use the “power of one” to enhance your email marketing efforts.

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