How to Choose Your Website Platform: 5 Big Considerations


Have you ever investigated website platforms and gotten completely lost along the way? Or maybe you chose a platform, built your website, and now you aren’t so sure? 

I recently went through this process myself and found that it was helpful to discover what was important to me based on my experiences and current competencies first, before opening up my web browser and diving into the weeds. 

And in sharing my five big considerations, I want to challenge you to think through these considerations and how they might apply, but also discover what considerations, requirements and features are relevant for you. 

Through this discovery, we can all make more informed, confident decisions that’ll have a better chance of lasting for years to come:  

1. Theme options. What theme options or design templates are available from this website platform? Does the overall style and structure align with your company or brand? You’ll need to use your imagination here, as most themes allow you to manipulate subjective elements like colors, fonts, etc. Typically after browsing a theme “demo” for 10 seconds, your instincts should tell you whether or not it’s a potential fit. 

2. Blog features. What types of blog features are available on this website platform? Will you be able to easily duplicate your posts for a more streamlined workflow? Does this platform integrate all relevant social media sharing tools and buttons within the blog? Based on your blogging experience and intentions moving into the future, you’ll want to ensure that the blog features will support your content marketing efforts.  

3. Customer support. Does this website platform offer appropriate levels of customer support? Do they offer live chat, or do they offer a quick turnaround-time on all email support tickets? If your website goes down, or if you have a question about how to use the platform, you’ll want peace of mind knowing that there’s a capable team in place to help you resolve issues and answer questions. 

4. Price point. Is this website platform affordable for you, both now and for years to come? Is there a monthly fee, or are there savings if you choose an annual plan? And if you choose an annual plan and decide to cancel along the way, will they do the right thing and issue a refund for the unused time? On the pricing page, be sure to check the differences for the annual and monthly plans. Most website platforms display the annual plan by default, which includes the savings, so be sure you understand the difference. 

5. SEO capabilities. Does the website platform allow you to input meta data so that you can customize page titles, descriptions, and keywords? Would you have full control over the permalink or URL structure for each page? Depending on your experience with SEO, this may or may not be relevant to you. However, while SEO may not be on your radar screen today, it’s nice to know that you’ll have full control over these SEO features should the time come for you to work on increasing your website’s visibility. 

Watch the video above for the full lesson, and remember to discover what features and requirements are important to you before you go diving into the weeds in search of that perfect website platform.

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