How to Strengthen Your Website's Presence


What can you do to significantly strengthen your website’s presence? In other words, what can you do to optimize it? Should you upload a new banner to your home page, publish that new testimonial you received last month, or hire that website consultant you’ve been following for a while?

You see, we’ve been asked this question so many times over the last decade that we’ve lost count. While there are a lot of tactical strategies available out there, here are five big ideas you should pay close attention to so you can radically strengthen your website’s presence while minimizing your costs, complexity, and frustration: 

1. Recency Factor. Does your website look and feel “outdated”? Chances are, if your website is 3 or more years old, you’re probably feeling this pain. This is your front porch, often times the first impression you have with your prospects. Take it seriously. Test your website on a mobile device to ensure it’s fully responsive and compatible on smartphones and tablets. At the very least, be sure the copyright date in the footer is updated and the latest blog or news post isn’t from 6 months ago or worse. 

2. Simplicity. When it comes to your website’s content, the simpler the better. Are you struggling to manage and account for all the content on your website? If you’re feeling this pain, think about how your visitors must feel if they have to hunt, peck, and click multiple times just to find the page they're looking to browse? You’ve been on those “information overload” websites before. It’s incredible frustrating. Start by trying the “one-click trick”: Start on your home page and see if you can access the most important pages of your website in just one click. 

3. Control. How much control do you have over your website’s content? Can you easily manage your website’s pages, and do you have the access and competency to publish a blog post at will? Or do you depend on a vendor or agency to manage every little edit? Being out of control can be incredibly frustrating. At a very minimum, be sure you have the appropriate login credentials for your website, hosting environment, etc. 

4. Security. If you’re using a website platform like WordPress, when’s the last time it was updated? What about the many plugins you installed years ago…are those up-to-date? Is the content you’re publishing, and the forms your visitors are submitting, safe and secure? There’s nothing worse than triggering a security alert on a visitor’s browser. Be sure your website platform is up-to-date, and that your content - all of it - is being delivered in a secure way. 

5. Measurability. Do you understand which metrics matter to you? Do you have Google Analytics installed on your website and configured in a way that effectively presents you with actionable data you can leverage to make educated marketing decisions? Even if you don’t care to pay attention to the data today, installing Google Analytics will allow you to benefit from the historical data when the timing is right tomorrow. 

Watch the video above for the full lesson and always remember that when it comes to your website efforts, #KeepItSimple!

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