How We Should Think About Blogging


How can you publish blog posts that catch fire over time? 

Look online and you’ll find thousands of opinions on this topic. But most blog posts published today do nothing more than contribute to the digital noise machine. 

To stop the pollution and break through the digital noise barrier, here are three major shifts in the way we should think about blogging:

1. Value. Do you understand your target market? Are you delivering value with each blog post you publish? How much time do you spend putting yourself in their shoes? Are you trying your absolute best to understand their desired outcome? Once you put your prospect’s interests first, create the content with this intention. Soon you’ll notice a positive shift in the way people interact with it on your blog and social media sites. 

2. Video. We all know how popular video has become, so we’ll save the latest video stats for another day. If you haven’t already done so, start publishing video this year. We love video because it allows us to solve for as many content consumption preferences as possible. Once the blog summary is written, it’s recorded in video format. It doesn’t have to be a face-to-camera video - it could be a narrated PowerPoint presentation. After the video is recorded, the audio is extracted, uploaded to our podcast feed, and then embedded on the blog post page. Finally, if any inspirational quotes result from writing the content, they’re displayed on a simple background (see below). So one single blog post solves for every content consumption preference we can think of (video, article, audio, and imagery). 

3. Velocity. That video you created is uploaded to YouTube and featured on your YouTube channel. The audio portion can be extracted for creating a podcast, which you can then publish on iTunes. Those quote images you created can be shared on Facebook, Instagram, Google+, and other social networking sites. Finally, you can create a shorter (or longer) version of your entire post and publish it on sites like LinkedIn, Medium, and Tumblr. Think of how much velocity your content will achieve after only a few short months of consistently publishing your blog posts this way!

Watch the video above for the full lesson and always remember: Deliver value with video to achieve the velocity you’re looking for.

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