Should You Add That "Thing" to Your Website?


Have you ever wondered if you should add something to your website? For example, how many team members should go on your bio page, or how many photos you should include in your gallery?

I've struggled with the same questions and so have many of our clients. To help overcome this, here are six questions to ask yourself to ensure you're adding content to your website in a meaningful way: 

1. Where did this idea come from? Sounds common sense, and it is. Identify where you got the idea in the first place. Did you get it from a competitor's website or article, or did you hear about it in a podcast episode? Then, determine if there's tangible proof that this will make a significant impact.  

2. Will this “move the needle”? Put yourself in your visitor's shoes. After implementing, are you regularly monitoring its performance? Has it produced positive results? Chances are, if the thing you're looking to add doesn't “move the needle,” i.e. make a significant difference, including it won’t matter to your visitors.  

3. Are any assets required? What assets will you need to add this "thing" to your website? Will it consume a lot of time to do it yourself, or money to outsource the asset creation to someone else?

4. How many moves will this take? Things that seem "simple enough" don't always turn out that way. Think through the moves or steps involved and decide whether it's worth the time or expense. 

5. Is this sustainable in the long-run? Think ahead now, into the future. Is there a management component involved? If so, what does it look like? Is it sustainable to manage this new thing over the next few months and years?

6. Is there a simpler alternative? Let's face it: Sometimes we like taking the more complicated route. While not on purpose, more often than not we aren't aware of the simpler solution. Think about whether there’s a way to simplify the new addition so it's not so clunky, complex, or cumbersome.

Watch the video above for the full lesson and always remember that when it comes to your website efforts, #LessIsMore!

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