Why Your Online Advertising Results Are Below Par


Why do we run ads online but fail to see the results we know we can achieve? We see all these advertising gurus knocking it out of the park with their strategies, but sometimes when we launch our campaigns, we fail. 

Rather than let this experience sideline us, let’s review three things that might enable us to produce above-average results:

1. Offer. Have you created a relevant offer (or resource) that delivers value to your audience? Do you have a landing page that captures the visitor’s information before delivering the offer? I can’t tell you how many times we’ve seen paid ads that link traffic to a home page. This doesn’t work. Be sure your paid advertising efforts are directing people to a landing page, where a relevant value-based offer is found. 

2. Audience. Who is your offer for? Are you targeting the right audiences across each of your advertising channels? For example, if you’re advertising on Google, your keywords may be too broad, too specific, or they have the wrong intent all together. If you’re advertising on Facebook, you may be targeting the wrong age, demographics, interests, or behaviors. No matter what channels you’re using, plan your audiences well, set up multiple segments, and track your results so you can improve over time. 

3. Email sequences. Have you ever converted leads but failed to make any sales? If so, your email sequences could use a little help. Be sure the content within your emails is relevant and continuing to deliver value to your recipients. The mistake most of us make is that once we convert a lead, we assume they’re interested in us, our company, or our brand. The truth is they're more interested in the information in the offer we delivered, not us. Not yet, anyways. Let's remember to carry the value through our email marketing efforts to continue building rapport and trust.

Watch the video above for the full lesson and remember to review your offer, audience, and email sequences to improve your online advertising efforts.

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