They're growth-oriented. 
They're looking to generate more leads and appointments online. They want a professional website, one that positions and differentiates them from the competition and provides them with greater visibility. 

They have a small marketing department.
In fact, some have no marketing department at all (they're the marketing department). Either way, they're deeply involved with the marketing of their business.

They've had negative vendor experiences.
Unfortunately, finding a credible vendor has been more difficult than they ever imagined. They're looking for a trustworthy, accountable partner who actually “gets it” - someone who can provide them with unbiased guidance, and someone who won't say "yes" to every one of their ideas or requests.

They're software-agnostic.
They aren't married to a specific website platform or software. They'd prefer to leverage whatever option makes the most sense, is affordable, meets their requirements, and - most importantly - achieves their objectives. 

They have an outdated web presence. 
They have an outdated website that’s doing them more harm than good. Maintaining it has been a real burden, and they can no longer stand the thought of losing potential business every time a prospect visits their site. 

They have a low tolerance for tech.
They're busy running a business, and they tend to have a low tolerance for technology (can't say we blame them). They'd prefer to pass the tech ball to someone else. 

They know it's the right time.
They realize their website, if positioned properly, can be a valuable marketing asset and one of the many pieces that will assist them in truly growing their business. They've made a conscious decision that this is the appropriate month, quarter or year to finally prioritize their website and check that box. 

They're cautious.
They've tried a few things in the past, and most efforts have resulted in little to no return on their investment. This time, they're looking to take a more cautious, walk-before-they-run approach at marketing their business online.


Savvy Pro Web did an outstanding job. They turned our vision into reality and gave us much more insight on how to analyze and improve our results. We highly recommend their them. They really do an amazing job.
— Jane Freidinger, Partner at Home Warranty, Inc.

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