1.) Diagnostic Call

The truth is, we're not a fit for everyone. During our call together, we'll learn more about your upcoming project and let you know if it's in our "wheelhouse." If so, we'll provide you with an estimate on the spot. Should the scope of your project be outside of our comfort zone, we'll deliver as much value as possible by providing you with our perspective as well as guiding you in a direction that makes the most sense based on your circumstances and requirements. 

2.) Win/Win Agreement

If our call goes well and the estimate we provide is acceptable, we'll send you our win/win agreement. Essentially what this means is that everything we discussed during our call is included and nothing more. No up-sells, no hidden fees. Furthermore, for whatever reason if you're not satisfied with how the project is coming along you can cancel at anytime and receive a prorated refund. Because that's how we think service-based businesses should operate. 

3.) Painless Engagement

Traditionally, a website project might feel like a root canal. So in an effort to make the engagement painless, we front-load everything we need from you and your team. Why? So you can get back to what's important: Your business. We start with a discovery meeting, which typically lasts 2-3 hours. No tech talk. We collect everything we need from you to effectively build out 98% of your website. At this point, the ball's officially in our court. Over the next 1 - 2 weeks, your website is created by our team. We then present it to you, listen to your feedback, and revise it. Once approved, we go live. 

4.) Maintenance-Free Enjoyment

Now that your new website has been launched, there is nothing more to do. It's safe, secure, and always up-to-date. There are no hidden fees, and no maintenance fees - unless of course you'd like to outsource your edits or additions to us. Otherwise, we'd be happy to train you or someone on your staff on how to make changes to the website. This may sound scary, but in reality anyone who can edit a Word document and effectively edit the website. It's nice to be in control, isn't it? It's nice to have options, and it's the way we'd like it to be if we were the client. 


I can’t begin to express our appreciation for your exceptional work, client-focused approach and truly best-in-class follow-up and execution. Your team sets the standard for professionalism and outstanding results.
— Tony Enrico, CEO

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